In loving memory

If tears could make a stairway, and heartache make a lane, I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you back again.....

C.I.B. N S DK FIN ch NV-14

Griffmakers Bachelores Dream


4 april 2010 - 30 april 2018


In loving memory of our little clown. We miss you dearly each day.

D ch N ch

Misty Meadow's Yogibear

30 03 2002 - 22 03 2011

Our dear little winky bear has left us. For 8 months we was lucky to love and care for our dear little boy. You will forever stay in our hearts.

NV-09 Filijokus av Monaly


20 05 02 - 16 03 10


In loving memory of Lodin. A very special and dear friend has left us. One moment running happy at the fields, the next moment gone... We will never forget you.

Dyrdal's Iresistible Flor de Canela


22 04 05 - 16 11 07


In loving memory of our precious little girl Canela. We are so thankfull for the time we have had together.

KBHJV-14 KBHV-14 N S DK ch

Flor De Canelas Kisses Of Fire


30 september 2014 - 21 june 2017


In loving memory of our dear little princess. Gone, but never forgotten.

Our beloved maskot

Jessies Cute Darling Of Rossanty


28 november 2000 - 3 november 2013


Life will never be the same withoutt you!

Nasvit Generalissimus Helena's Band


08 12 2005 - 11 10 2012

Mommys boy and big love. Missed every single day!

Tottenhill's Tango Lover


08 11 2003 - 08 04 2010


In loving memory of our precious little boy Buddha. He crossed the rainbow bridge where his best friend Lodin was waiting.. We will never forget you.